I like making things, and I like learning things. I came to this field because it marries my love of design with my fascination with tools.


I make interfaces. Whether you have a meticulously researched value proposition, or you just like the color blue, I can help you translate your ideas into screens.

I practice defensive design, the art of anticipating where users might have problems, and designing solutions that prevent mistakes and minimize consequences.


My development expertise is in using code to build screens, and in the proper installation of their component elements.

For example, rewriting the architecture of Firebase from scratch is way, way beyond me. Writing the JSX to style a React app, the Swift for an Xcode component, the PHP for an original WordPress theme, or the Python for a Blender addon is not.


I’ve been fortunate to work with as many Fortune 500 clients as I have small businesses, in roles from Art Director to Developer, from Animator to Video Producer, and from Instructor to Department Chair.

Through these experiences, I’ve learned the skills and mastered — or at least become deeply familiar with — the tools of many disciplines.

This breadth of knowledge and experience is my strength. I’ve used it to help large teams deliver world-class products for huge clients, and to help dozens of startups to plant their feet on stable ground.

I’d love to do the same
with you.

Send me a note and let’s talk about
making a great app or an amazing website!

Oh, and before I close, there is one more thing...


I’ve always loved working in 3D, but the cost of software and equipment kept me on the sidelines. That is, until 2019 when Blender – the open-source 3D tool set that’s been around since 1994 – suddenly got serious.

Mod Tower Aluminaire
Landscape Potted Plant
Xerox 914 Some Nice Houses

Some nice figurative modeling.

They improved their UI&X so immensely that I immediately fell back in love, and have been hyperfixated ever since. It’s a simple and powerful suite for all things 3D, supported by a large and active online community, and easily extensible using Python, which has since become my favorite language.

Exploding Cubes Jimijon Sanded
Abstract Nebula Abstract Plateaus
DNA Helix Triangulated Clouds

Some nice abstract modeling.

For example, long ago I created an online avatar I named D-Man, but without decent 3D tools, he lay mostly unused. Over the last few years, however, I’ve used Blender to make an improved model and dozens of images and animations, a Firefox theme, and even a series of (unissued) NFTs!

D-Man Close-Up D-Man NFT

D-Man: Psst! Hey Kid – Wanna Buy Some NFTs?

If you’d like to see more of what I’m making, I’ve posted some of my work at Artstation, and have written several add-ons that are available on Gumroad. There’s more on my Github and Twitter, so give them all a look and if you want to chat about it, I’d love to hear from you.