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Company Website – HubSpot CMS

Designer & Developer

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Front-End Development (HubSpot CMS)
  • Asset Creation & Management

My task was to redesign the company website, and build it using HubSpot CMS.


I began working with Verenia in their startup phase, and helped them design and build the UI of their initial product.

During their growth phase, I continued to assist them on a wide range of related projects, including identity design, marketing materials, product microsites, and UI customization for specific clients.

When they ported their product to NetSuite, things suddenly took off. They quickly gained the dominant market share in their space, and I was tasked with redesigning the company website to reflect their new status as industry leaders.

The process of putting it all together was straightforward — as in “best-case scenario”.


We had an existing version of their site to use as a base, and the team knew exactly how they wanted to present themselves. This allowed us to zoom through the planning and architecting phase.

They also had great writers on staff, who provided me with near-final content from the get-go. Since the text I was given was so specific, the site design came together very quickly.

We tried out some different ideas, chose a design direction, and I created mockups of the major areas of the site. After some tweaking, the mockups were approved, and I built out the site using HubSpot Hosted CMS.

HubSpot is one of the best CMS solutions I've worked with. The learning curve is low, and the backend is easily accessed and highly customizable, accommodating my need to create a variety of non-standard layouts.

As I said, the whole process was a best-case scenario.

Client Holding Page Client Holding Page

Verenia Home Page and Partners Page


Following the launch of the new website, I created new marketing materials, from business cards to press release templates, and a style guide to ensure consistency across all sales and promotional media.

Client Style Guide
Client Business Card Front Client Business Card Back

Verenia Style Guide and Business Card

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As we grew our company, Don helped us with design, development, and marketing. His attention to detail, ability to wear many hats, and willingness to dig deep to solve problems has been invaluable. He's a great asset.

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~ Victorio Pellicano, CEO, Verenia