INDX01 is a cryptocurrency tracking and trading app for iPhone and iPad.


Cryptocurrency Tracker – iOS

UI Designer & Developer

  • UI Design
  • iOS Development
  • Asset Creation & Management

My task was to translate the product owner’s vision into UI designs and Xcode layouts.


I’ve collaborated with the developer of INDX01 on many projects, so when they wanted to get into cryptocurrency and fintech, they asked me to assist with the UI design and production of their first product in this space.

Quick Start

The developer had created a working prototype of a Dashboard screen (below), and asked that I focus my initial efforts on working inside the Xcode project to refine — but not extensively redesign — their initial UI, and familiarize myself with the app architecture.

After a bit of back-and-forth, I arrived at a “dark-mode” style, which was quickly approved. From that point forward, I would create mockups of all screens in Sketch, have them reviewed & approved, and then build out the screens in Xcode.

INDX01 Developer Prototype INDX01 Dark Mode Revision

The Developer's Prototype
and My Initial “Dark Mode” Revision


With a general design direction established, I addressed the App Icon. Working from the idea of an “All-Seeing Eye”, I came up with a simple logo design that worked at all sizes without need for alteration.

Motoblot Holding Page

INDX01 Logo: The All-Seeing Eye

Fast Iteration

As inspiration struck, the developer would communicate their ideas for features and functions to me. We would establish app flow and objectives in conversation, which I would then use to create mockups in Sketch.

When the mockups were approved, I built out the views in Xcode using Interface Builder. Where classes existed, I hooked them to the components. Where they didn’t, I wrote new ones to customize their appearance.

And where we needed icons or illustrations, I converted my Sketch art into Swift code using Paintcode. Infinitely scalable, resolution-independent, and easily manipulated with Swift — code-based graphics are a gift.

We went from initial concept to working beta in two weeks, and launched version 1.0 on the App Store two weeks after that.

INDX01 Watchlist INDX01 Detail

Market Performance:
The Watchlist and Detail Screens

Friendly Details

One of my favorite tweaks to the Watchlist (above) is the way we use each coin’s performance graph to define the row boundaries.

Managing cryptocurrencies can be confusing, so on the Tracker screens (below) we use big, friendly icons to differentiate between tracker types.

INDX Tracker INDX Add Tracker INDX Manage Trackers

The Tracker Screens:
Big, Friendly Icons to Differentiate
Between Account Types


As the app grew in complexity, I established naming conventions for the art, the colors, and component styles to keep the assets organized. I also created documentation like this color chart (below) to ensure consistency across screens and media.

INDX01 Color Standards Chart

INDX01 Color Standards Chart


Once launched, the product underwent constant tweaking and updates, with new releases coming monthly or sooner.

We proposed and tested a plethora of features, from live chat to daily crypto memes. Two that succeeded and stuck were an iOS widget and Apple Watch compatibility.

INDX Widget INDX Apple Watch INDX Apple Watch Month View

The iOS Widget and
Apple Watch Extension


I generated a wide variety of marketing materials for the app, including App Store screens, animated web banners, and a bilingual (English/Spanish) website in ClickFunnels CMS.

App Store Screen A App Store Screen B App Store Screen C

INDX01 on the App Store

Left Quote

Don has long been our go-to designer. His ability to understand digital design from the point of view of both a designer and a developer is terrific. He turns ideas into designs that work efficiently.

Right Quote

~ James Cicenia, Creator of INDX01