Tech Month


Tech Month Chicago aims to establish an annual month-long city-wide conference of tech events for those not already in the tech industry. They needed an identity system and a website.

The Story

Founded as a non-profit organization, Tech Month Chicago is a celebration of all things “S.T.E.A.M.” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) throughout greater Chicago. Where events like Tech Week and Social Media Week are directed towards industry professionals, Tech Month wants to inspire civilians of all ages and communities to become engaged, involved and tech-literate. Tech Month president Melanie Adcock got in touch and asked if I could help her get the ball rolling.


Identity: We started the process by developing a logo and some branding guidelines. After exploring a number of images and symbols, we decided a straigtforward type treatment was best. Using Sofia Pro Light and a red, yellow, and brown color palette, I generated dark and light layouts that could be applied to badges, banners and social media headers.


Tech Month Identity Badges


Wordpress Customization: With the identity established, we were now ready to apply it to a website.


The Event Builder theme gave us the core of what we’d need: an engine for adding and updating events, and a framework for organizing and presenting all of them to visitors. The front end tasks included formatting and adding art, customizing the fonts and colors via CSS, while the back-end required some tweaking of PHP files to customize the email response system and other site functions.


Results: A fully-functional website that allows anyone in the city to add their event to a the system.

The Work