James “Jimijon” Cicenia started Jimion.com in 2001 to create media for the web. As his business has evolved over the years, I've been redesigning his site to match.

The Story

UI Design (& Flash): The very first version was an animated Flash website that linked to various affiliated properties, including music and video production company Q Studios and Absinthium.com, for which we produced weekly video horoscopes in the pre-Youtube days of yore. The Jimion.com logotype I created for the original site is still in use to this day, and it inspired a full alphabet that I assembled into the Jimijon font – the latest version of which is available for download if you send me a message via the contact form.


Version 1 (Flash), Circa 2001-02


As James’ business moved from original content to development projects for clients, the site evolved from custom web pages to Joomla CMS. For this latest version, in addition to customizing the Joomla theme to reflect the traditional brand colors, I created product mockups for the slideshow, cute avatar illustrations for the team section, and have wordsmithed the front page, bios and all the project launch articles.


Results: Fame, fortune, and the envy and admiration of the cool kids.

The Work