Landing Page Redesign

EOSCPQ is the best-rated, fastest-growing configure/price/quote system in the world, but their promotional site wasn’t holding visitor’s attention.

The Story

UI Redesign: Visitors were arriving at the landing page, but leaving without scrolling below the fold to read the rest of the content. Having previously assisted Verenia with a successful redesign of Bennington Marine’s CPQ system, they asked me to help them update their EOSCPQ promotion site. They wanted to create a more upscale look, rewrite the content, replace the animated slideshow with something more striking, and make the whole package look better on mobile devices.


Circa 2015


The existing page provided a lot of existing content to work with, so I started by restructuring everything into five main sections, revising the copy into concise summaries of the value propositions, and writing additional content where needed. Then I generated a simple color scheme from the blue and orange in the existing logo, and sourced a hero image that conveyed the more upscale, professional look that Verenia was going after. Finally, I designed a Bootstrap layout that encourages visitors to scroll down and review each selling point, and includes strong graphics to focus and guide them through each section.


Results: Verenia was very pleased with the landing page and used it as a model to guide their internal design team in revising the rest of the site. They've since invited me to assist in developing related promotional media, including sales videos.

The Redesign