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Bennington Marine makes the best-selling pontoon boats in the world, but the UI of their customer-facing CPQ (choose, price, quote system) didn't quite reflect that.

The Story

Verenia had built a terrific back-end system, but the front-end UI needed to be as upscale as the product. Fortunately, the existing HTML was based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, so adjusting the structure and styling components would be relatively easy.


Original Bootstrap



UI Redesign: Bennington’s web site already had an established brand style, so it was a simple matter to adapt this to the Bootstrap scaffolding of the CPQ. The color and type standards were applied and adapted, and new styles were introduced to accommodate unique system components.


PSD mockups and style documentation were delivered to Verenia, and they applied it to the system with minor amendments.


Results: Bennington’s feedback was, “You guys are doing an AWESOME job, and this is one of the best tools for dealers in the industry.”

The Work