Arpac Calc 2.0

Packaging Cost Calculator

ARPAC LLC manufactures industrial equipment for packaging and shrink-wrapping. They wanted to offer their customers a free mobile app the would calculate the materials usage of any of their products.

The Story

Application UI Redesign: I'd worked with the Jimijon team to create ARPAC CALC 1.0, which was a big hit with their customers, but by 2014 the cool kids had declared that skeumorphic interfaces were, like, totally over. That, plus the fact that ARPAC wanted to add a number of new variables into their estimators, led them to decide to build version 2.0 from the ground up.


Arpac Calc 1.0


In order to avoid having separate iOS and Android development streams, the strategy for the rebuild was to use the Ionic Cordova framework. This would allow us to build all the calculators and help screens as HTML pages, so version two would scale to accommodate different mobile screen sizes much better than version one.


We planned to re-use the app icon I had created for version one, but everything else would designed from scratch. I provided the client with several PSD mockups of different interface ideas, and generated finished mockups of all screens using the approved design. From there, I built HTML pages for all the calculators, custom keypads, help screens and modal windows, and wrote CSS to style it all. The process was unexpectedly quick and easy.


Results: The app was again a hit with ARPAC's customers, and we continued working with them on several other web and identity projects.

The Work

Tablet Version

Phone Version