Music Festival Apps

At the dawn of the mobile app gold rush, Phil Berman had an idea for a startup focusing on apps for music festivals.

The Story

Phil needed someone who had experience solving as-yet undefined design problems for an emerging platform, and knew I'd done that repeatedly since the dawn of personal computing. He had his company name picked out, so we started with a logo that curved to suggest a smile. Then we made a website and some apps.


The Music Festival App Kit had a fixed structure that could be easily updated with each festival’s data, while the interface could be quickly customized by personalizing a handful of graphic assets. And each app included a screen with an animated dancing flame so festival goers could hold up their phone while the band played “Freebird.”


Applitite also produced several custom non-festival apps for music-related clients like and Evanston SPACE.


Results: The Music Festival App Kit was used annually for many events between 2009 and 2012, including The Chicago International Film Festival and Taste of Chicago.

The Work

2009 Website

Festival Apps




2010/11 Chicago International Film Festival

Music Fest Chicago


2010 Voodoo Festival

2009 Voodoo Festival

Taste of Chicago




Other Festivals




Marketing & Support